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Piotr Strumiński

Polish, English

The Warsaw Bar of Legal Counsels

The University of Warsaw (Master of Law, 2010)

M: + 48 572 304 055

E: p.struminski@orlikpartners.com

Piotr Strumiński is a legal adviser. He specializes in issues related to the resolution of court disputes, including in particular conducting litigation for the benefit of entrepreneurs.

On a daily basis, he cooperates primarily with corporate clients, dealing with complex business proceedings in the banking and financial services sectors, as well as in the FMCG sector. Piotr’s experience focuses on representing the Client at the pre-trial stage, at the court stage, as well as in enforcement proceedings.

Piotr provides ongoing legal services to one of the leading banks in Poland, representing the Client in a number of proceedings involving multi-million-dollar claims for damages related to loans granted by the Bank. He also represents leasing funds in proceedings relating to contract law, property law and bankruptcy.

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