In cooperation with external companies, our lawyers specialize in providing legal support in debt recovery covering all spectrum of legal sectors. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service and an unparalleled level of customer care. For a number of years, our lawyers have been providing services to banks, insurance companies, service providers, commercial and office space renters, receivers and financial services providers. For our part, we provide the provision of debt recovery services at all stages of the proceeding, starting with amicable actions, reminding of the commitment, then through the court stage and obtaining an enforceable title, until satisfaction of claims at the stage of enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings.

In our daily work, we provide our clients with dedicated teams of specialists not only in the law area, but also in various fields of economy and other adequate sectors. We cooperate with a group of carefully selected and verified court bailiffs who have their offices in every appeal area in Poland. We also have a rich database of receivers and persons dealing with the comprehensive valuation of the debtor’s assets at our disposal, ranging from movable property through real estate, and ending with the valuation of enterprises.

Depending on the nature of the entrusted matters, our daily activities may also be supported by detective offices and other entities specialized in field operations. We also work with entities specializing in the recovery of debts from Polish citizens residing in the United Kingdom.

We provide debt collection services at the following stages:

  • Skip tracing
  • amicable stage
  • payment monitoring
  • court stage
  • pre-execution stage
  • bailiff enforcement
  • bankruptcy proceedings
  • non-standard activities: (i.e. verification of the debtor’s assets, property valuation).
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