Banking and finance


We represent banks in litigation regarding loans indexed and denominated in foreign currencies, with a particular focus on loans in Swiss francs. We also support clients in disputes regarding so-called low own contribution insurance “UNWW.”

We have handled over 500 cases initiated by individuals having loans indexed and denominated in foreign currencies, gaining necessary knowledge and experience that allowed us to properly secure the legal and economic interest of our clients. In addition to standard legal services based on representing banks before courts, our activities also focus on handling mediation or negotiations with borrowers.

Depending on the demand and the process strategy adopted by our clients, we also participate in the development of settlements with borrowers, including: supporting the process of restructuring the mortgage debt by optimizing the amount of the monthly installment to the borrower’s financial capacity, assistance in selling the property being the subject of the loan collateral, concluding a settlement to maintain the loan agreement, including by lowering the spread, applying a negative LIBOR rate, converting the loan amount at an attractive rate, implementing credit holidays and extending the loan period.

Our lawyers handling disputes in the field of foreign currency loans actively cooperate with the Polish Bank Association (“ZBP”) and other relevant institutions, taking part in ZBP meetings and other events organized for the banking industry, aiming at presenting the current jurisprudence of Polish and European courts, exchanging experience and proposing new solutions.

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