COMPLIANCE & investigations

Ceaseless changes in the law related to day-to-day operation of business entities and financial institutions mean that compliance regulations become more and more complicated year by year. As a consequence, entrepreneurs operating in every industry sector in Poland are obliged to take increased procedural actions in many aspects of their business.

In such a rapidly changing legal environment, entrepreneurs devote more attention to assembling or advancing the effectiveness of the compliance systems at both national and international levels and to developing or improving already existing procedures.

Consequently, OP offers a successful team of lawyers and consultants who advise on how to obtain the highest standards of compliance and security levels in professional business transactions, including international ones.

Advocate Konrad Orlik is the editor and co-author of the publication entitled "Compliance in the enterprise. Creating and implementing a compliance system. Selected Issues” published by Infor Biznes, as part of the Business and Law series, also being the author of a number of other press publications on compliance.

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