Constant changes in tax regulations make the regulations in this area more complicated every year, and practically every important legal action in a company requires tax consultation. In such a rapidly changing legal environment, entities take special care to reduce the tax risks of their business.

Therefore, OP has a team consisting of legal and tax advisors who specialise in providing tax assistance.  We advise our Clients how to achieve the highest standards of compliance and tax security in professional business transactions, also in the international business.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive services in the field of ongoing tax consultancy, as well as prepare tax opinions.

We provide services related to income taxes (PIT, CIT, WHT, TP), value added tax (VAT), and tax on civil law transactions (TCLT).

We carry out tax projects involving the preparation of: tax strategies, procedures and policies, including due diligence procedures for contractor verification for VAT purposes, withholding tax procedures, transfer pricing policies and procedures, and tax schemes - mandatory disclosure rules.

We advise our Clients on the tax aspects of real estate transactions, as well as on the tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions and in-kind contributions, e.g. by preparing defence filings and economic justifications for transactions. We secure client transactions by preparing applications for tax interpretations.

We also prepare transfer pricing documentation and verify TP-R forms.

We comprehensively represent our Clients before tax authorities at all levels of proceedings, starting from verification through tax inspection, as well as during tax proceedings and before administrative courts.


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